Skills & Knowledge


Technically, there are no limits to what we (I and you) can achieve on the Internet. This is subject to budget, of course. As a customer, you have to be aware of the following: website engineering is a complex thing and there is no man who could carry all aspects of this job on his own, unless the website is quite basic. There are plenty of stuff which I do myself, but I can outsource minor elements of my job as this is a normal industry practice nowadays: it helps to turn my energy to more complex tasks. Please be assured that I do never delegate even an ounce of my liability to others. In other words, I do personally guarantee the quality of the job you pay me for.

My personal strengths are listed below.



Hand coding techniques HTML / XHTML / DHTML / XML / PHP / CSS
Graphics / Software All Adobe range
Databases MySQL and MS SQL (these are two of two available types)
Search engine optimisation & PPC Internal and external search engine optimisation (full range and effective use of selective SEO depending on needs). White & black hat SEO techniques. Pay per click marketing
CMS platforms WordPress, Drupal (esp. Drupal Commerce), Joomla!, Ruby and Mediawiki (or I can create own content management platform by demand)
e-Commerce Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and Opencart (or I can «write» a bespoke shopping cart to match all specific demands)
Servers Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS) and Windows distributions (We can lease a remote server from a specialist company or can buy own and run it from a customer's office*)
*This is an important part of the job. How the web site is hosted, what machine do we use and where the server is geographically located affects usability and - what's vital! - data security and performance in searches.



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