No work is too big or too small

Technically, you can get the entire website engineered from scratch or get a part of your existing website fixed or a function / facility added to it, or you can hire me as a full time admin to manage your Internet presense on a permanent basis.





Basic maintenance Hourly rate From 5 hours per month £100 per hour, minimum 5 hours x £100 = £500 per month
Website creation / complete engineering Priced work Up to one month Average £3.000 per job
Full time website administration Salaried job Permanent basis From £40.000 per annum

Time frames & the price explained

Times & money do depend. For instance, a website from scratch is normally a one month job. Yes, I can build it quicker, within a day or two, but do you need it? No. If time is such a priority, I would suggest a free website builder (there are plenty on the Internet, nowadays every hosting package comes complete with one or even a few to choose from and start building yourself with the same «no-result»). However, a good quality needs time, plenty of hand work and the highest level of accuracy. Price? It is hard to quote without knowing what you need. The situation is pretty similar to buying a car - some cheap, others costly, but every does move on the road. I'd say that an average corporate website does rarely cost more than £3,000. What you get for this money is a fully functional product, which is valued by search engines, communicates to customers and is ready to sell what you produce.

Fixing someone else's errors (or adding functionality) is another thing. This is charged using my hourly rate. The job can take form one hour to a day or a few. Contact me with all the details, so I could give a more narrowede estimate.

As for the full time administration, this is a permanent stuff, and is a «nine to five» job. I can consider managing your online presense on a permanent basis, making sure everything is okay, data is securely stored on your servers, technical faults fixed in a timely manner, usability is on the right level, desing is up-to-date, website sells, communicates to databases and a plenty of other stuff go right. You will pay a fixed salary plus reimburse some reasonable expenses on top of this.

How do we start conquering new horizons together?

Contact me by email or through WEBMASTER.SUPPORT message board to begin.