No secrets here

I was wondering if I could get visitors to this page. And, yes, you clicked the link.

Okay, curiosity deserves rewards. Probably, before hiring, you'd like to know your webmaster a bit closer? This makes sense.

Let me do the first step then...

Do know the difference... Your website admin is an old school hand-coder, in his early 50s, ex-Army (foreign) and - as such - quite determined.

  Do-or-die attitude
  Willpower + courage to change the things

People say I have a great sense of humour and does live a happy life. It does not seem true to me: «some» sense of humour sounds better, as irony is not always that funny. As for the life... Although, yes, probably, they are right. I belong to myself, and I live the life I like...


Enough said. Let's get in touch to discuss the business.